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The New Way of Doing Biz

The New Way of Doing Biz
With two months to go before the first edition of VOICE, Corrado Peraboni and Marco Carniello give a detailed outline of the event which promises to be a perfect, new generation business hub

In a year when the last time we shook hands at a trade show event was back in January, at Vicenzaoro to be exact, it is only fitting that a positive sign for the entire industry should be launched from there. And so, Voice was conceived, a new format that has a lot to say, a global event specifically for the gold and jewelry industry, scheduled to take place at Vicenza Expo Center from 12th to 14th September 2020. «We and the market share a mutual need and strong desire to get the relations system guaranteed by trade shows up and running again» said Corrado Peraboni, CEO at IEG, «by being ready for the “new era”. Traditional organizational procedures will co-exist with the new opportunities that the “digital world” ensures. New business prospects will open alongside new products and, therefore, new services. It promises to be a positive integration that will enrich the irreplaceable and productive experience of a live encounter. Two fronts on which IEG has invested with projects developed during these painful months of standstill.»