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Jewelhash Innovative Jewelry


Powered by enthusiasm and passion and fueled by research and innovation, this year JewelHash born in the market. In these years in which everything has changed - styles, materials and technologies, JewelHash born for give a new future to the jewelry.

Friends-owned company going back over last 30 years, in particular, are unique combinations of, skills and creativity, often seen by the whole world as emblematic of Italy itself.

This company has achieved the target to create an object in third generation era and revitalize the jewel’s world.

Continuity and change, two key words in the histories of the most long-lived businesses: facing even unknown challenges and combining multiple pathways to growth in a mix of individual stories, collective trajectories, social aspirations, local specialization and ambition our philosophy.

The future decades, the network and the reputation it will generate national and then international culture using our jewels not more only as fashion but also as technological partner, adding value to its home community, in a continual journey from a single, unique territory to reach and serve multiple markets.

Every design project is based on interdisciplinary know-how and develops cognitive and functional innovations: new families of jewels reshaping the world, giving even more value to the beauty of well-made things.